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    Video production as a service

    No software installation required, no hardware infrastructure, you can start producing videos in minutes

    Hyper scalable rendering

    Our hyper scalable rendering architecture allows you to generate video from large data sets or customer database and not wait days before getting your results.

    Cognitive content analysis

    Automation means being able to trust our engine to produce the best content from your data. Our innovative cognitive analysis engine understands the data and adjusts the editing and templating for the best result.

    Full API integration

    Our engine is fully API capable, this allows you to integrate the video capabilities into your own processes

  • Our team



    Before founding Digitaika, he was co-founder and CEO of MyNextRun, online destination for runners.

    He holds an MBA from INSEAD.


    Duc TRINH

    He was the founder of a software company, sold in 2004 and managed SaaS offering development at SFR business.

    He holds both a Telecom engineering degree from Telecom ParisTech and an MBA from INSEAD.


    Tommi TALASMA

    An expert in Cloud and Deep Learning technologies, he was the development manager and co-founder of Trival, a SaaS CMS solution.

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