Your software development is Agile, what about your user training content process?

In the early days of software development, major releases were a momentous occasion, occurring only once every few years. This provided software companies with ample time to meticulously craft user guides, technical content, and train their users on the new features. However, with the advent of Agile methodology, the landscape has dramatically transformed.

Agile development has revolutionized the software industry, propelling us into a new era of rapid feature releases. Companies now strive to deliver value to their users faster than ever before, iterating and improving their products at an unprecedented pace. While this agility is undeniably beneficial, it has brought forth new challenges, particularly in the realm of corporate training.

As feature releases accelerate, it becomes essential for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to have a solution that can create corporate training material automatically and at scale. The traditional approach of manual content creation and classroom-style training can no longer keep up with the speed and volume of changes.

To address this critical need, innovative tools and technologies have emerged, empowering ISVs to automate the creation of training material. These solutions leverage artificial intelligence, virtual presenters, natural language processing, and other cutting-edge techniques to generate user guides, tutorials, and interactive training modules seamlessly. By automating this process, ISVs can efficiently educate their users on new features, reducing time-to-competence and enhancing user satisfaction.

The shift towards Agile development has undoubtedly brought about exciting opportunities for software companies, enabling them to deliver value faster and stay ahead of the competition. However, it is crucial to adapt and embrace these new strategies to ensure effective training and support for users amidst this accelerated pace of innovation.


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